All the best in 2017!

2016 was kind of special year … the year of re-acclimatisation to “normal” life after our long trip. The year when two of our friends Ropák and Pavel Michut didn’t come back from mountains. The year half of which we spent in front of the screens of Czech TV’s editing rooms just hoping not to be ashamed from the outcome of our documentary series. The year when Martin was taken down by a strange disease and had to forget mountains for a long while. My solo trips to mountains brought me then together with several notable individuals with whom I could made some great tours. A BIG thank in particular to ProtiVětru, Rosta Tomanec, Mikko Heimonnen and Jesper Petersson and other “substitute” buddies for the time we could spent together.

Behind each of the above lines there is a bunch of stories which we would like to share, but sometimes there is not enough time and energy for this. However, we keep on trying!

Anyway, a great thanks to all those who support our efforts and projects. It means a lot to us!
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Soo, we wish you all the best and good luck in finding your ways through the year of the fire rooster!