Up and down … this time around the Slapy

47 km on the track Epo Trail Maniacs

Loosing the track for 1km in the beginning, then chasing the front positions for the next 15km, enjoying a great running weather and nice track together with Tomáš Hudec and Martin Töpfer. Around 22nd km I lost contact with Tomas for a while and cough him a bit later right before the crossing of the Mastnik river. We continued together then. Tomas got the second “Speed Challenge”. Then, surprisingly for me, I was able to go a bit ahead around the 34th km and even more surprisingly I kept the 1place till the end. A great day!

47km, 4:34:33, 1st place

A big thank to Honza Havlicek (SK Babice) – our 2,5month training paid off. Now I have even more motivation for further training!