Support Nepal with us!


Do you want to help a good cause and have something from it (apart from a good feeling)?

Originally, in this way we wanted to reduce the deficit of our budget but after the earthquake in Nepal we changed our mind. The epicentre of the April earthquake was not far from Manaslu (8160 m), which is the mountain we will attempt to climb and ski during September and October and in this way finish our long journey. Nepal is a poor country and many people living in the mountainous areas do not have opportunities to earn money. Therefore, for a lot of people living in the areas affected by the disaster help from the outside is the only option to get back on their feet. We would like to contribute to the reconstruction efforts and in course of August we would like to raise some money. During the expedition we will donate this money to a selected project in a village in the Manaslu region.

Are you going to join this effort?

If yes, just choose from one of the options below!


1. I want to be “famous” and have original prayer flags from Nepal – 19 EUR

Your name will appear in the subtitles of our film outputs and we will bring you prayer flags from Nepal.

2. I want to try expedition breakfast! – 24 EUR

Breakfast for you and your companion will be served early in the morning at an agreed place. Ideally somewhere in a shelter, where there is danger of rock or ice fall. Menu consists of oatmeal and tea. Both of you will also receive the supplies for the whole day – i.e. an Enervit energy bar, a piece of dried meat and tea into your thermos bottle.

Date to be arranged individually

3. I want to have a wall calendar from exotic mountains – 27 EUR

Do you like pictures in our blog?  You can find the best ones in our 2016 calendar. The selection of pictures will combine travelling and mountains.

Delivery date November / December 2015

4. I want you to bring a picture of my pet to the summit of Manaslu! – 39 EUR

If we manage to reach the summit of Manaslu, we will take a picture with a picture of your pet. In the event we do not get to the summit we will take the picture at the highest altitude we get to.

Delivery date November / December 2015

5. I want to hear your stories from the trip and try expedition dinner – 79 EUR

We will make a private presentation of pictures and videos from our journey for you and your companion and will serve you delicious expedition dinner – Chinese soup, dehydrated food from Travellunch or MX3 Aventure and tea. If supplies permit, as dessert a few blocks of chocolate will be served.

Date to be arranged individually

6. I want to have a nice big picture of my own choice on the wall – 99 EUR

We will print out one of our pictures you choose on an A3 capa board. Other formats (such as panorama) are possible based on individual arrangement.

Delivery dates in November / December 2015

7. I always wanted to try flying but I don’t dare to try it on my own – Tandem paraglide with Martin!– 119 EUR

Not only on snow Martin is like fish in water. Fly with him on tandem paraglide in České středohoří (Czech Central Mountains)!

Dates and locations by appointment and weather

8. I want to go skiing or rock climbing with Beton Ski Team – a weekend for 129 EUR, a week for 349 EUR

Join us for a weekend or a week of ski-mountaineering in Austrian Alpes or rock climbing on beautiful Czech sandstone.

Venue and dates by appointment and weather.

“Terms and conditions”

All collected money (after deducting of the expected necessary costs (eg. printing of calendars)) will be donated directly to the managers of a selected project during our expedition in Nepal in September and October.

Are you in? Then just let us know through the contact form ( on our webpage your “product” choice and kindly send your contribution to our affiliated German account – DE86 6001 0070 0831 1037 08, BIC PBNKDEFF.

I want to support Beton Ski Team

If you like any of our products and you would like to support also/only our journey along the Silk Road we will be very happy! Just mention in your message to us that your donation is aimed at our One World, Two Skis project.

If you would like to donate a larger amount or to deduct your donation from your tax base, please let us know.

Thanks a lot!

Karel and Martin